We want to improve your golf experience by getting you the perfect match and perfect fit of your golf club.
For many, there’s an excitement about visible technology and the immediate improvements.

The PING G400 Irons make an instant impact. The ball goes faster, higher, and it does that more often.
This is a very fast, very forgiving club. But with a little more time in the fitting process,
the improvements can be quite spectacular.

There are different shafts with the PING G400. You can use shafts with Ascending Weight
Technology to make mid and longer irons easier to control. There’s a counterbalanced option
that encourages the clubhead to release through impact.
But which makes the biggest improvement for you?

  Remember the Stats
Great innovation from PING designed to improve your Iron ball striking.
When thinking about the impact this technology can make; remember the fitting:

Matching the technology that will help your swing the most, with the right shaft length, lie angle,
and shaft flex, will do far more for your golf game than you could imagine.
Hitting great Iron shots is a beautiful experience.