Take advantage of birdie opportunities  

Matching the loft of your putter to your technique is critical in becoming a consistent putter and therefore seeing more putts drop.
Having the incorrect loft will negatively impact many factors such as launch off the putter face,
spin imparted on the ball and overall roll on the green.

Loft is affected by your specific putting stroke, ball position, and putter. It is crucial to match
these factors to create the ideal loft at impact for you to hole more putts more often.

Player with incorrect putter loft

If the ball launches too high with too much spin it
causes the ball to bounce. Likewise, if the ball
launches too low it causes the ball to dig into the
ground and hop. Both of these impacts negatively
on distance control and accuracy (3-putts and
shorter misses).

Player fitted for correct putter loft

You’ll create a smooth repeatable roll off
the clubface, with a true roll found early.
You’ll increase your chance of making putts.
Your distance control will improve.
Fewer putts per round. That impacts
your scorecard.

Does your putter loft match your stroke?

Have you ever seen your putt bounce and just blamed it on the green?
It’s time you matched your putter to your game.
Hole more putts now.