Revealing the lie

It does impact accuracy

Test after test conducted by golf magazines, club fitters, and even those trying to “bust” myths, substantiates the fact that you’ll hit more accurate
approach shots if your lie angle is a perfect match to your golf swing.

Irons toe down
Strike the ball with the toe slightly down and
your ball will go right of the target (right-handers).

Iron heel down
Strike the ball with heel down and your ball
will travel left of the target (right-handers). 

The mechanics of this are obvious really. Make contact with the turf with the toe of the club and the club face will open.
Make contact with the heel and the face closes. It’s how imperceptible it feels to most of us, and how large the impact is,
that surprises everyone.

Are your clubs telling a lie?

Do you think you’ve hit a solid shot but missed on one side? Is it your setup; your swing path and face angle; or your lie angle?
You’d be blown away to discover how many golfers play with a lie angle that makes the game harder.  
Make it easier to hit better golf shots.

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