Fitting is more than lie angle, shaft length, shaft type and flex. It’s about ensuring the club design
supports your golf game to improve your experience. The benefit of the right choice can be huge.

Innovative, and a very
functional Iron, that will
add consistency and
distance to most of
our golfers’
approach shots.

Larger blade, deeper sole,
helping the less experienced
hit longer and more accurate
Iron shots. Slower swing
speeds also benefit.

PING i200
The good and better ball
strikers will appreciate the profile
at address, and be astounded
by the performance
after impact.

Remember the Stats
Great innovation from PING designed to improve your Iron ball striking.
When thinking about the impact this technology can make; remember the fitting:

Matching the technology that will help your swing the most, with the right shaft length, lie angle,
and shaft flex, will do far more for your golf game than you could imagine.
Hitting great Iron shots is a beautiful experience.